The Certified Psychic Society is an online source of tested and vetted professional, honest, accurate psychics.

Why a Society?

Shay Parker, the founder of Best American Psychics and Best American Healers decided to bring together this group of Certified Professional Psychics as a “society” because she felt it was the most appropriate description. Parker states, “This group of professional psychics has been rigorously tested by my staff and they truly are the upper-echelon in psychic ability. The definition of a society is ‘a community of people having shared customs, laws, and organizations’. That is exactly what this group is, a society.”

Members of the Certified Psychic Society earn their status by undergoing two separate test readings, a full interview, reference checks, and various other due diligence methods. Shay Parker ensures that a stringent process is completed prior to any applicant being approved for membership.

Parker is approached regularly by media reps, television, newspaper, and more seeking psychic professionals. The Certified Psychic Society is a trusted source for professional psychic talent.