Shay Parker Certified Psychic Society Founder

Shay Parker – Founder

“What is the Certified Psychic Society?”

The Certified Psychic Society is a resource of trained, tested and validated Certified Psychic Professionals.

Shay Parker, a metaphysical pioneer, and the founder of Best American Psychics and Best American Healers, decided to further extend her business umbrella by creating this society. Shay is often approached by media outlets, asking her for available psychics for various projects. Because of this, the Certified Psychic Society was born.

The Certified Psychic Society is the perfect source for finding psychic talent for television and other media, metaphysical expo’s, private parties, and more. We source the talent for you, and we validate that each Certified Psychic in our Society is a verified professional.

Those seeking a Certified Psychic Professional for a television audition, party, expo, or other event may contact us through this site. To view the Certified Psychic Professionals, click here.